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The despotic ruler of the village, who is a dual counterpart of the poetic-man also seeks the love of the beauty



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The wandering starts at the village-life, where life of women and men are mostly driven by the instinctual needs and the will to- live. The village is ruled by a tyrant despot whose philosophy is the will-to-power.

Disobeying the advice of the Guide, who is accompanying the wandering man, the journeyman enters the instinct-bound life animated by festivals and dance. Mingling with the villagers, who are celebrating the glory of the instinctual life by dancing, drinking and seeking sexual pleasures, the journeyman searches the village beauty. He seeks to find his home and meaning of life in her love.

Here he encounters his dual nature: On one hand he is the dreaming poetic man, who renounces desire for power and wealth and seeks meaning of life in love and beauty. In contradiction to this poetic nature, there also dwells an opposite nature in him that is stooped in the desire for power, wealth and to win over his competitors.

While he enters the village, wearing the mask of the poetic man, amidst village festivities he encounters the power-loving despotic ruler. Both seek the hands of the same village beauty. While one seeks love that will transcend the instinct-bound passion, and is dreaming to experience a love beyond the realm of the senses, the power-loving counterpart seeks the physical love of the female as his sexual companion.

The village beauty chooses the hands of the poetic-man. This arouses the jealousy and anger of the despotic ruler. He imprisons the poetic-man and keeps him enchained in a pole erected at the centre of the village, and throws him in the torments of the suffering in the village-life.

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The wanderer in search of female beauty enters the village-life animated by festivities and hopes to find a home in her love

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The tyrant’s anger against his competitor for love

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