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He appears as Bodhisattva coming and going in the Wheel



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Arriving at the city centre the journeyman sees the vision of a hermit, who is addressing the villagers in the Market Place. The hermit has encountered God and returned from the Mountain, where the Divine encounter has taken place.

Extract from the address of the hermit from the mountain

“During my wandering once more I was awakened in the village besides the sea. It was a shore where the suffering man dwelt. In the poverty of knowledge, that they called happiness, they lived in miserable ease without caring for heaven and hell. I had returned to the village in search of the spirit whose company I had lost in the mountain path and who had told me to go to the graveyard in the abysmal valley where he would resurrect to show man the eternal path. It was not any dream or a fiction. There seemed to exist an eternal purpose in this suffering. In contradictions, confusions, willing, doubting, trying to free oneself from the misery of the life and the dismal illusion of the pain and joy of the unenlightened minds, there were wars, sorrows, contempt and despises. In follies man sought pleasure; in willing to perish in passions man hailed the flames and madness by willing to win freedom for oneself by destroying others and doing to others great harms. The life was a suffering where every one was a prey of another. There the teaching of virtues were foolishness. Everybody devoted maximum efforts to win advantages that they hoped will secure them maximum span of life. None wanted to die. They wished life could be eternal. With hatred, envy, falsification, lie, and always looking for enemies everywhere they wanted victory and triumph over everybody. The life revolved without values. Nothingness, emptiness and solitude flew as poisonous flies in the market place where the life was a trade of flesh and blood, a hellish cross-road of travelers who did not give a damn about who lived or died. They practiced revenge, preached inequality of different races and men, soured the souls with self-conceits, worshiped fearlessness, violence and hate, and like solitary seafarers in faithlessness sailed to fetch pleasures against warnings and adverse signs of fate……”


Hermit is the wanderer, who appeared in the village and the forest path, and went to the mountain realm. He is on his way to the village life again.


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Address of the hermit from the mountain

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