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The Different philosophers describe different ways to overcome pain and sufferings of life and prescribe different paths to find life’s meaning and happiness



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The Guide of the Soul appears in the disguise of the Devil and brings the blind man out of the forest. The Devil brings the man to the place where the beauty is being incinerated in a pyre. Here he meets the souls of philosophers: Stoic tells him that the source of suffering lies within oneself, and Odysseus’ wandering is nothing but wandering destined for every life. He advises him to seize himself and make best out of the situations of life. The philosopher professing the philosophy of the will-to-live tells that the will of man is its own hunter –the food and prey for itself. The
ceaseless never satisfied will causes endless suffering and pain. The drama of suffering caused by life and death is enshrouded in a veil of Maya or illusion. In the world, covered by Maya, the will acts with irresistible urges—thus setting the wheel of life and becoming. Through gaining knowledge of the objective world it is possible to heighten oneself as a subject who is above carving and suffering of the sentient world. Krishna expounds the teachings of Bhagavat Gita and asks him not to do violence to himself by striving to attain freedom by the help of the blind
urges. He asks the journeyman to surrender his will to the will of God, and rest tranquil in the faith of the wisdom borne by the will of the Divine.

After crossing the funeral site they pass by the grove where blind Oedipus tells him about the destiny which he could not avoid. The destiny of all life is enshrouded in the mystery of the Sphinx, who embodies the dual aspects of the nature which upholds all creations.

The journey along the Philosophers’ Path ends in a party in the Philosopher’s House where cynics, blasphemers, hypocrites, epicureans and existentialists have gathered. After listening to these philosophers the journeyman wishes to leave the realm of rationality that arouses only sense of hopelessness and meaninglessness of life.

He asks the Devil to bring him beyond the realm of the earthly life..

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After experiencing pain and suffering in the Forest Path, the journeyman seeks meaning of life in the realm of reasons and rationality


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Blind Oedipus’ fate

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