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Another central theme of the journey is the destiny of the hero, in search of love and pleasure, in the hands of the female beauties



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The book derives its main inspiration from Homer’s Odyssey. The central aspect of Odysseus’ wandering is his destiny as a victor of war, that he had not chosen himself He did not wish to be recruited for the war against Troy. With a hope to disqualify, he had pretended to be insane. But it did not help. The commander-in chief Agamemnon could disclose his pretending to be mad, and fetched Odysseus from his home to join the Greek expedition to Troy. After winning the war, and taking the queen of Troy as his trophy of the war, when he wished to return home, nature hurled its wrath on him. In search of home every time Odysseus sailed from an island, where he had come after shipwreck, he was caught into tumults of thunders, storms and immense waves. Again and again he suffered loss of his sailors and ended up in the shores of islands he did not know about.

Another central aspect of this journey is his destiny in the hands of the female beauties, whom he met as goddess of love and life, who gives solace and pleasure, as well as the witch goddess, who instills in the minds of the heroes the desire for adventure, war and destruction. After he departed the shore of Circe, the sorceress foretold him his destiny on the way: Among others he would meet the Sirens, who would try to draw him to land by their power of seduction and beautiful singing voices; he would encounter the whirlpool of Charybdis, and Scylla, the female whose beautiful half of the body remains floating over the water, while the other half, which is the body of a hound of hell, remains submerged under the sea.

In this modern odyssey, in every realm, where the journeyman enters in search of happiness, love, meaning and home, he wears different masks in order to fit into the nature of the worlds where he finds himself. Thus, as he passes through one realm to the other, he makes constant transitions from one character to another. The same man, who appears as the power-loving individual, stooped in the material wealth and glory in the instinct-bound world, changes masks and reappears as the dreaming poetic-man in search of beauty and love beyond the realm of the senses in another phase of the journey. The protagonist of the book acts out the roles of Odysseus, Orpheus and Prometheus as he seeks the path of meaning and home. He is also the man of modern time, who is seeking the same immortality, glory and fame, as well as tranquility and meditation as the mythical figures. Along this journey of the universal soul, myths and reality intermingle. Different characters emerge from the same universal being. Similarly as the journey proceeds, all different nature of man merges in the universal character. Thus from one many characters appear, and in the same universal One all characters disappear at the end.

Aeneas fleeing burning Troy.


The central aspect of Odysseus’ wandering is the tumultuous destiny which may follow joy, triumph and victory

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Destiny of the eternal wanderer Odysseus

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