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The journey in the realm of artists, musicians and poets also ends in suffering as a result of the treacherous play of destiny, which he could not envisage: He becomes blind and the beauty dies.



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After being freed from the suffering in the instinct-bound villagelife, the journeyman arrives at an island, clad in forest, where life and death repeat following the seasonal cycles. Being enchanted by the beauty of the sunlit forest, that encircles a lake, where female beauties have come to take their morning baths, the journeyman enters the next phase of his life’s journey in the realm of the artists, musicians and poets.

The life in the forest is bound in the hands of destiny, which is invisible to the mortal eyes. Here life dies and decays in order to bring forth new sprouts of life. The guide, accompanying the journeyman, warns him about the blind alleys of destiny and asks him to refrain from the desire to enter the illusory forest. Then the soul of Eros appears in his vision as a figure clad in light. As the figure beckons him towards the Lake he steps into the world of the poets, artists and musicians.

Here the boundaries between reality, dream and mythical world disappear, and the female beauties bathing in the lake appear in his eyes as muses and nymphs of the forest. As a dreaming man, in search of love of the beauty, as he moves deeper inside the forest, he comes into the realm where darkness has densely thronged. Here his vision fails. In this dark realm the destiny has laid its trap. The shadow of the instinctual man of the village still lurks in this darkness as a hunter roaming in the forest.

Like the male character the female beauty of the village too appears in the forest realm. She is searching the love of the poetic-man, whom she has met in the village festival. She also looses her path and being directionless enters the dark realm, where the man is grappling to find a way to get out of the forest. In this darkness the beauty encounters both the poetic-man and the hunter. By misjudgment of vision she mistakes the poetic-man as the hunter and hurls him away from her when they meet. Falling on a thorny bush the man looses his eyesight and screams in despair. The hunter locates their meeting place and ravishes and abducts the female beauty. When the beauty realizes that she has blinded the man whose love she has been seeking, and, in turn, been the prey of the hunter’s passion, she takes her life.

Experiencing agony and despair of blindness and the death of the beauty, the journeyman no more seeks the love of the beauty. He beseeches the Devil for help with a hope that the Devil may know the way to get him out of the treachery of destiny in which he seems to be entrapped.

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Leaving the way of life driven by instinctual passions and desires the journeyman enters the dreamy world of artists, musicians and poets


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Beseeches the Devil

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