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In this city the spites once released from the jar of Pandora still fly to inflict suffering and pain on the citizens, who aspire to dethrone the gods with a hope to gain Paradise for themselves



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After realizing the nature of the universe and the meaning behind all that exists, the journeyman wishes to return to the life on Earth.

While descending towards the Earth the Guide of the Soul describes to the journeyman the imaginary concepts of Heaven and Hell prevailing in different religions. The ideas of the punishment in Hell and reward in Heaven are inventions of the religious institutions. Hell has been created to generate fear of torment, which will follow if people disobey the prescribed path. On the other hand those who may follow the religious paths will be rewarded with an everlasting happy life in Paradise. On the way the Guide tells the story of the transcendental flights towards Heaven and the punishments in Hell as described in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

He explains to the journeyman that Heaven and Hell lie in man himself. A life without knowledge and sunk in instinctual pleasures, that brings disorder and chaos along the way of life of individuals may open the gate of Hell. Similarly, a life lived in a way that brings harmony to life of oneself and everybody living in one’s nearness, which fulfils the purpose and meaning of creation, may open the gate of Heaven. Thus, in one’s will one bears the power to steer oneself towards Hell and Heaven.

They descend on a city on a hill, where both the gates of Heaven and Hell are open. In this modern city, they discover that the citizens, like promethean creatures, are still trying to dethrone the gods from Heaven and occupy it for the mortal creatures. As punishment gods have inflicted the mortal life with spites, which they had sent to the world with the beautiful Pandora. Jealousy, hatred, adultery, incest, deceit, conceit, lie, conspiracy, brutality, and theft fly over this city like the spites once released in the world from the jar of gifts from Heaven.

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A modern city where mortals are wielding weapons to become powerful as supermen


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A city in pain : A labyrinth of damnation

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