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Experience of suffering in the village-life leads man to search love and beauty in a realm beyond the senses



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Thus the journey in the village-life turns into a struggle of the journeyman to free himself from the suffering hurled on him by the power-loving tyrant. While on one side the instinctual life tempts him to remain in the village as the ruler of the sense-bound world, on the other side, the Guide of the Soul advises him to seek a transcendental love beyond the realm of the senses.

After the joyful festival of the village sinks into a painful night the journeyman seeks a different path beyond the boundary of the village.

He recalls the suffering of Prometheus, who stole fire from Heaven and gave it to the mortal creatures. After receiving the fire, the mortals disbelieved in the power of Heaven and took control of the affairs of life in their own hands. This aroused the anger of the gods, who sent the female beauty Pandora to the world in order to punish the promethean mortals. While the gods kept Prometheus enchained and threw him into a perpetual suffering, his brother married Pandora and opened the jar, which the beauty had brought from Heaven. From the jar spites flew out in the world, afflicting the mortal life with wars, crimes and treacheries.

Like Prometheus, Christ also has taken upon himself the sufferings on behalf of the mortals. He suffered on the cross in order to redeem the suffering of the mortals, that women and men have been destined to undergo after Adam and Eva have committed sin in Paradise.

After the journeyman has suffered a night-long torment, the Guide of the Soul returns and frees him from the villagelife.

Pandora and Epimetheus


The life in the village ends in torment inflicted by the power-loving ruler of the village


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Cry of the Promethean man

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